Germany is not only envied worldwide for its high-quality products, but it also offers companies and investors an efficient legal system. A solid public administration and efficient procedural systems ensure quick, competent and predictable decisions that can be consistently enforced. In the competition for the attractiveness of a country’s legal system, however, Germany has strong opponents Рabove all the Anglo-American legal system, which is given a de facto lead by its global common tradition, the English language and the marketing efforts of American law firms.

Thereby, German law is superior to Anglo-American law in many respects: it is more systematic and thus more predictable. Unlike Anglo-American law, which in practice is often based on precedents deriving from case law, German contracts only have to state the provisions that deviate from the written law. Contracts are therefore usually much shorter and save the contracting parties a lot of time, money and consultation efforts. In addition, German liability law is predictable for companies. There are no punitive damages, which in other legal systems can be awarded in addition to compensatory damages and which are the cause of disproportionately high damages in the USA.

The German legal system is flanked by an efficient court system based on the rule of law, excellently trained lawyers and notaries as well as a legal culture that is not based on confrontation but on cooperation wherever possible.

We therefore promote the advantages of German law in the global competition between legal systems through the Law-made-in-Germany initiative (www.lawmadeingermany.de). The well-functioning legal system in Germany is a clear competitive advantage. It guarantees extensive entrepreneurial freedom, ensures a high degree of legal certainty and generally brings conflicting interests to a fair balance. In addition, our constitutional state works effectively and is inexpensive and fast by international standards.

Consider these advantages when making your investment decision or use them when drafting contracts: German law is a good choice! You can find a detailed overview of the advantages of German law in our free publication “Law Made in Germany” here: